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Thanks for your interest in my writing. I’ve been fortunate to enjoy writing on subjects for which there are readers. My goal is to discover good stories and then get the hell out of their way.

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Curt Sampson

Writer. Former (highly incompetent) golf professional. Put these two dubious credentials together and you get--me. Author of many books including New York Times bestsellers Hogan and The Masters.

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Recent after-dinner speech clients have been Blue Cross/Blue Shield of North Carolina, and The Golf Collectors Society, at its annual meeting in Las Vegas. We had some laughs. To book a paid speaking gig, send an email.

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Badge of Courage.

An aggressive cancer will almost certainly end Trish Allen’s life. Until then, she’ll keep busting bad guys. Written By Curt Sampson For D Magazine April 2016


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About Curt.

As you may have noticed, I’ve written a lot about sports generally and golf in particular. I took to heart the classic advice for newbies-- “Write what you know”-- when I got into this dodge in November 1988.

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